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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review: Empress Ki (KDrama)

Are you a fan of a gender bender story have you even watch dramas like hana kimi, his beautiful and to the beautiful you as well as other adaption of a gender bender manga or a fan of Ha Ji Won, Chang Ji Wook and Joo Jin Mo? Well daebak! To make things simple today I'm going to make a review on her new Kdrama (2013-2014) introducing  Empress Ki! So the drama started last year and I thought it would be fun to watch because the main actress was Ha Ji Won and surprisingly I found out that the the main actors were actually from a famous Kdrama also. Wang Yu or actor Joo Jin Mo from the series Dream. While Emperor Huizong of Yuan is played by Chang Ji Wook from the drama series Smile Donghae.

My all time favorite historical Kdrama after Princess' Man. So let get to the plot. The plot was very interesting because it centers a different twist of love story whether it is about ones first love, unrequited love as well as true love talking about those things is what makes me love the drama the most because I like the way they captures viewers hearts by doing those.



They also have a great transition in focusing about the characters' difficulty slash journey slash hardships. It's not too fast neither too slow the I like they're idea because basically its a very fresh and very captivating specially when you start to watch it. It's very intrigging and you'll start to ask yourself "what will happen next?" that's the fun part! :)

They also did a good job on the so called "tradegy" I so so love the story a lot. I'm lost in words.

RATINGS: ★★★★★ 5/5 (Must Watch!)

NOTE: Before you start watching this drama I hope you read my review very well because I believe you will not regret reading my review and watching Empress Ki because you've read all what you need to get started and as for the rating I didn't just put 5 stars carelessly but because I give it to something much deserving. till next time. TOODLES. :D

More info of Empress Ki here

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  1. Hello. This is A.K.I.A. Talking…
    Thanks for the great review of Empress Ki! I enjoyed it a lot.
    I added it to my collection of reviews for the show. The show has now an average score of 82%.
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    Thanks again for the review.